The Upper East Region, with its administrative capital at Bolgatanga ("Bolga' as it is known locally) has always been a meeting point for traders from Mali and Burkina Faso on their way south to Tamale and southern Ghana. The markets continue to be important trading points, and 'Bolga' is a famous centre for handicrafts, including straw hats and baskets, leather good and metal jewelery. The historical relics of this region date back to the era of slavery and the trans-Sahara slave trade, in the period of the ancient Sudanese empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai. the ancient Wuriyanga mosque, 36km south-east of Bawku, and built by Muslim missionaries along the trans-Saharan trade routes, showcases typical Sudanese architecture.

Paga Crocodile Pond
Located at the Northeast border, this is a sacred sanctuary for crocodiles. The reptiles are enticed from the water by the custodians and make a surprising photograph to take home.




Tongo Rocks
The whistling rocks of Tongo rise dramatically from the landscape just 10km from Bolga, and the Harmattan creates ghostly whistling sounds.

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